Easy Financing for Rental Properties

Acquire and renovate your ideal rental properties then lock in fixed-rate financing for up to 30 years. We use common sense underwriting that primarily focuses on property cash flow. Our loan product is for property owners who prefer certainty as well as flexibility from their capital provider.

Secure a rental property without seasoning requirements. Lower credit requirements than the banks. 30-year long-term loan.

Our streamlined process allows borrowers to close loans quickly and without delay.


Get started in 3 easy steps

Rates as low as 6.125%!

No Income Verification
We only need to underwrite the income for the property. You are not required to submit tax returns or meet minimum income thresholds.
Long Term Solution - Up to 30 Year Term
We provide you with a fixed rate solution that ensures you have permanent financing for your property
Interest Only for Up to 5 Years!
You can choose to make interest-only payments for 3 years, 5 years, or fully amortize over 30 years.